Behind The Awkwardness: Birds Of A Feather

February 17th, 2013

Behind The Awkwardness: Birds Of A Feather - Dad

“Father and son at museum hosted event at Halloween 1999.  I am an owl and he is a toucan bird.  I made both costumes. My current museum educator thought that this image and moment in time needed to be officially documented.”

(submitted by Scott)

7 Responses to “Behind The Awkwardness: Birds Of A Feather”

  1. Raina says:

    I miss the days when everyone made their own Halloween costumes – it was hilarious & usually pretty imaginative. Especially when your original idea didn’t pan out for skill or logistical reasons & you had to revise your character (well I WAS going to be Medusa, but now I’m Audrey 2, the plant monster from Little Shop of Horrors). Good times.

  2. Hannah says:

    “No, I said, ‘what kind of a bird are YOU?'”

  3. Lizzie says:

    Loved the fingernails…er…talons. I agree with the above comment about the “bear thing” as being the scariest! All I could think of was the words from “Rocky Horror Picture Show”: these folks are all “CReatures of the Night”

  4. t biscuit says:

    Well I think he deserves an award, those are some amazing costume skills.. bonus points for the talons.

  5. Toucan bird? As opposed to a toucan what?

  6. AndrewT says:

    Ha! I think you’ll find toucan play at that game!

  7. Large Talons says:

    And yet somehow, the scariest thing is whatever the heck that bear-thing is standing in the back.

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