Insane Clown Posse

April 26th, 2013

Insane Clown Posse - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is my husband and his younger brother dressed as clowns.  Their Mother (my Mother-in-law) decided that for Mother’s Day one year that she would dress her 2 sons as clowns and have their portraits taken.  So, she proceeded to dress them up in homemade outfits and her own makeup.  On the way to Sears, the younger brother was crying hysterically and that is why he is not a “happy clown,” and his face is smeared.  I have this picture hanging in our hallway of our home just to remind myself that I am now a part of a dysfunctional but awesome family! Now we have two sons together ages 3 and 4… question is, should I carry on the tradition?”

(submitted by Whitney)

20 Responses to “Insane Clown Posse”

  1. Chelsea says:

    Heck yeah!

  2. Cowgirl7879 says:

    Oh yeah, get shots of your boys as near to the original as you can, shots of your husband and his brother together as adults, and then get a shot of all 4 of them – your sons, and your MILs boys, together. Talk about special… You will RULE as the perfect daughter-in-law. Go hard or go home…

  3. Pogonip says:

    There is one way to tell if they are Raggedy Andy or not. Open their shirts to see if there is an “I love you” heart. Or not. That would settle it.

  4. dianne says:

    of course you should. thats the cutest darn picture i’ve ever seen

  5. 10 says:

    You have to. Its too awesome to let slip by

  6. Tessa says:

    I have to disagree that these are supposed to be Raggedy Andy at all.
    But I have to agree with those who say you must continue this with your own sons. And I love the idea to give a copy to your MIL. lol! I think it would all be hilarious!

  7. TearsRolling says:

    Oh my gosh that is adorable! I can’t stop laughing! The looks on their little faces. lol

  8. libco says:

    I’m gonna have to say yes.

  9. Tate says:

    I don’t care for this group/band but if you look up “Insane Clown Posse” you would have a match!!! LOLOLOL

  10. Darren says:

    No. Let your mother-in-law continue to paint your husband and his brother every year, not you…
    Oh wait, you meant YOUR kids. Umm… yes why not. Just not Ronald McDonald style, lol.

  11. Mary says:

    Yes!! You should recreate this photo with outfits and make-up as close to the original as possible . . . give it your Mother-In-Law for Mother’s Day!!

  12. Angela says:

    It’s tradition and you shouldn’t break tradition. Your children can always get therapy later on.

  13. Meredith says:

    The question is, who would do this to THEMSELVES on MOTHER’S day. I can only imagine the awfulness of dealing with two kids greased up in make up, one of them squalling. I hope that all subsequent mother’s days were spent in a bubble bath eating bonbons. That being said, DON’T DO IT! lol

  14. peanutmom2001 says:

    I am feeling very old now – I can’t believe anyone thought that Raggedy Ann and Andy were clowns! Argh! Over 35 and suddenly it is all down hill from here if someone actually thought these were clowns!

    • Claire's mom says:

      Aw, man, you’re right – I had a Raggedy Ann when I was little – should have twigged to it. Still creepy…..

    • CB says:

      Other than the hair (somewhat), they don’t look like Raggedy Ann and Andy to me…..or even that they were trying to look like them.

  15. Minda Dale says:

    I don’t think there’s any question. YES.

  16. Claire's mom says:

    Everything floats down here…..

  17. Les says:

    Yes, you must.

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