Le Resistance

October 20th, 2014

Le Resistance - Behind The Awkwardness

“I’m a photographer and was taking pictures for a beautiful family, but their littlest member was not a fan. Multiple times, he told me no as I asked him to smile and in this picture he just refused to even sit with his family. What we ended up with is a gorgeous family portrait with little Jack admiring from afar likely telling me no in protest of our photo shoot.”

(submitted by Coral)

4 Responses to “Le Resistance”

  1. dede says:

    The dad looks like he wanted to stand by his son and protest this photo shoot. ”NO!”

  2. Louise says:

    As a photographer, how much did you cringe when you saw mother/daughter all matchy matchy :/

  3. oh gosh says:

    Dad looks pissed!

  4. not a french says:

    *La résistance

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