Do Your Teeth Itch?

Do Your Teeth Itch? - Dad

“Found this note in my bathroom drawer after my Dad tried to borrow toothpaste.”

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Twelve Pack

Twelve Pack - Dad

“My Dad has 6 fingers on each hand. He uses 2 fingers to flip people off.”

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Dad’s Bunny

Dad’s Bunny - Dad

“My in-laws are moving. So we are helping them clean out the garage and I came across this little gem. My question is “Why is the Easter bunny sitting on my father-in-law’s lap?” (And no it’s not my mother-in-law.)”

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Dad Bomb

Dad Bomb - Dad

“Dad photobombed me before my school dance.”

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It’s No Secret

It’s No Secret - Dad

“Never ask your Dad to bring you something at school.”

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Dad Genes

Dad Genes - Dad

“I found a photo of my Dad in 1978, aged 20. Seemed familiar.”

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I Heart Stove

I Heart Stove - Dad

“Dad sent a pic of his new stove and forgot to turn off the heart feature.”

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