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Sounds Like

Sounds Like - More Holidays

Uh, it was supposed to say “Happy Bastille Day.”

(via source)

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Cinco De Why-o

Cinco De Why-o - More Holidays

“My sister and I had a long day carrying our fanny packs around Disney, but our mom wanted to get a fiesta photo at Epcot for good measure. No queremos sombreros!”

(submitted by Lauren)

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Happy Boob Year!

Happy Boob Year! - Behind The Awkwardness

“Me (small guy in the center) and my family at my Uncle Dale’s house for New Years. My dad (on the far left) thought they said “Happy Boob Year!” My mom tells me she never drank, ever. Right.”

(submitted by Eric)

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Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day - Family Portrait

A salute from the whole AFP Family to all veterans out there… we are forever grateful for what you do.

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Columbus Day Letter

Columbus Day Letter - More Holidays

It’s a good thing we have the children to tell it like it is.

(submitted by April)

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Happy Flag Day from AFP!

Happy Flag Day from AFP! - July 4th


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Green Day

Green Day - More Holidays

Send family & friends more exclusive St. Patrick’s Day eCards from theĀ AFP App!

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