Blinded By The Light

Blinded By The Light - Dad

“My husband and mother were trying to take a picture with our three daughters at Iguazú Falls in Argentina. The middle child was loving it, but the sun was too bright for the youngest, and the oldest…well, keep looking and you’ll spot her. When we finally looked over the photos days later, we could not stop laughing at her face and hand held out looking for help!”

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Pest Control

Pest Control - Grandma

“My 93-year-old grandma spraying a nine-foot snake with Off! in Whigham, Georgia.”

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Catch ‘Em All

Catch ‘Em All - Awkward Galleries

“For your amusement, I renamed all my Pokemon to whatever my two-year-old called them.”

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Breakup, By Ralph Lauren

Breakup, By Ralph Lauren - Couples

“When your girl dumps you and you try to play it off real smooth.”

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Dad Level 100

Dad Level 100 - Dad

“Any man can be a father but only the special ones know how to be a Dad.”

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Serpentfoot - Random Awkwardness

“So this rather eccentric woman in my hometown decided to change her name.”

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The BFG - Friends

“My already-tall (7ft) friend accidentally took an optical illusion photo.”

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