Say It Out Loud

Say It Out Loud - Photos

“My Uncle Peter and Aunt Phyllis got a custom license plate. It didn’t turn out the way they thought.”

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Prank-You Note

Prank-You Note - Christmas

“Every Christmas my BFF and I send cards to random addresses.”

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Joy To The World 4

Joy To The World 4 - Christmas

“This was supposed to be our Christmas card. It turns out she just hated that sweater.”

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Little Daenerys

Little Daenerys - Kids

“My 8-year-old daughter takes artistic direction from no one. Guess which one is hers.”

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A Christmas Humping

A Christmas Humping - Babies

“This is the 2006 Christmas Card photo that we sent out, with our 6-year-old English Bulldog, Joan.”

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The Snowman Is Packing

The Snowman Is Packing - Christmas

“My parents went to an ugly sweater party tonight, and my mom decided to get a little creative with my dad’s ugly sweater. I was on the phone with her while they were getting ready and she kept yelling at my Dad to be careful with the snowman’s penis.” 

Here’s the closeup you knew you wanted:

kailee 2

(submitted by Kailee)


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Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorial - Kids

“When I was 12, I decided to play with my Mom’s makeup.”

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