Perfectly Timed Pics That Make Dogs Look Giant - Lists

Perfectly Timed Pics That Make Dogs Look Giant

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Sabotage - Siblings


“My son was not happy his little sister was having a sleep over. He made plans.”

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Microwave For One - Random

Microwave For One

“Meet the saddest book in all of the universe.”

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Adventures In Babysitting - Kids

Adventures In Babysitting

“Sent this pic to his mom with the text, “What do you say to get him to come down???””

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Saturday Night Fever - The 70's

Saturday Night Fever

“My cousin in the early 70’s.”

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Summer of ’72 - The 70's

Summer of ’72

“Summer of 1972, bell Bottoms, wallet chain, and headphones with the longest cord I’ve ever seen.”

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Fire Drill - Friends

Fire Drill

“A fire alarm went off while my friend was getting a root canal…”

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Recreating The Awkwardness - Recreations

Recreating The Awkwardness

“Twenty years later.”

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Band-Aid - Kids


“My friend’s daughter decided she could find the ‘band-aids’ on her own.”

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Sounds Like - More Holidays

Sounds Like

Uh, it was supposed to say “Happy Bastille Day.”

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