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This Book

This Book - Couples

Before there was mace, there was this book.

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That’s All Folks

That’s All Folks - Wedding

A picture has never summed me up so effectively.

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The Great Halloween Tantrum

The Great Halloween Tantrum - Halloween

“I wanted a harem girl costume I saw at Sears but my parents refused to basically get me a slutty costume at 7 years old (which I was totally sure I could pull off, btw) so as a ‘compromise’ my mom bought me this t shirt and hat and I had a full-on tantrum on the front lawn that was so loud neighbors came out of their homes to check out the caterwauling child.”

(submitted by Brandi)

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Recrerating The Awkwardness

Recrerating The Awkwardness - Recreations

“Recently, when all my siblings and I were together for the weekend we decided to recreate this photo from 1992.  My brother In the rugby shirt used blue fabric paint to make an exact match to his original shirt, the brother next to him is wearing the same hat from the original picture, and my sister in the back used medical tape to make the stripes on her shirt. Good times!”

(submitted by Rachel)

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