17 People Who Look Like Their Pets

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Overwater - Behind The Awkwardness


“At 9 years old, I learned to waterski. Being short, I got a lot of spray in the face. Goggles seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Lipstick - Kids


“This is me after I used up a tube of my mother’s lipstick…everywhere but my lips. Needless to say, my mother felt the need to capture this on film. Upon seeing it, most people comment that I look like I’m covered in blood. Lovely.”

(submitted by Kacie)

Left Out - Behind The Awkwardness

Left Out

“I was so tired of my little sister following me around and having to be in every picture I was in – she just had to be the center of attention. This time my mom told me (in the red dress) and my friend while playing dress up to pose for a picture and I was not going to let my sister be in it. I held the door closed (notice my devilish smile) so she could not come outside in the picture. My mom didn’t even notice this until she got the picture developed. And I saw my little sister got her way, she was still in the picture.”

(submitted by Liz)

The Longest Kiss - Mom & Dad

The Longest Kiss

Ages 5, 9, 22, 27.

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Awkward Wedding Kisses - Lists

Awkward Wedding Kisses

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Nasty Boy - School Photos

Nasty Boy

The dude abides.

(submitted by David)

Breakfast In Bed - Kids

Breakfast In Bed

It’s the thought that counts.

(submitted by Chris)

Tubular - Mom & Dad


She is Mom. Hear her roar.

(submitted by Alicia)

Fun Guy - Behind The Awkwardness

Fun Guy

“At a recent family gathering, everyone was told to check out the puff-ball mushroom growing in the backyard. Cousin Paul took the admiration one step further, and quite accurately re-created a late-70s senior portrait.”

(submitted by Amy)