Cat Terrorizes Family

Cat Terrorizes Family - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward

A Rockland County, New York, neighborhood is freaking out over a black cat that is viciously attacking people and pets in the area.

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Horsing Around

Horsing Around - Halloween

“This is a picture of my sister and I as a Princess and Knight riding “horses” for Halloween.”

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16 Gelatin Molds That Will Make You Nauseous

16 Gelatin Molds That Will Make You Nauseous - Awkward Galleries

The end of World War II ushered in a time of peace for much of the world… so it should be no surprise that people decided put anything and everything into a gelatin mold. Our tribute the most unappetizing food ever.

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Family Hot Tub Cheers

Family Hot Tub Cheers - Behind The Awkwardness

“My parents just got a hot tub and were very excited about it. Therefore, my grandma hired a professional photographer to take a family photo in the hot tub. For some reason they posed with wine and candles even though the children were not old enough to drink… and were caught of guard when people disturbingly asked if they were wearing clothes after they sent it out to 150 plus friends as a Christmas card.”

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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory - Behind The Awkwardness

At my fathers calling hours last year, this gem popped up on the slideshow, providing much needed comic relief to me and my family. I had blocked this out, and for good reason. My step mother reminded me of a spring break trip to visit them in 1996 and her suggesting we take a nice picture. I’m not sure about nice, but we certainly did take a picture.

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My Buddy

My Buddy - Birthdays

“Sometimes I wish I’d put forth the effort to submit the cake my parents gave me for my fifth birthday to one of these, but I’m lazy.”

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Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal - Kids

“I found my spirit animal at a very young age.”

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