Fishy - Photos

They are both wearing Dennis Rodman.

(submitted by Charles)

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Padre - Pets

As far as the cats were concerned, he was the Mcconaughey of his day.

(submitted by Kate)

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Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes - Christmas

“My niece Kya was done with getting her picture taking on Thanksgiving, as were all of us.   We were almost done and needed her cooperation.  When she wasn’t you can see how annoyed we all were….even the dog was pissed LOL.”

(submitted by Candice)

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Hungry Like The Wolf

Hungry Like The Wolf - Behind The Awkwardness

“My husband was a Boy Scout. This is the day he earned his ‘Awkwardness Badge.’”

(submitted by Leslie)

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Goosebumps - Behind The Awkwardness

“One year in elementary school, we were given the option of taking a hobby photo in addition to our regular picture.  My parents suggested I do a soccer photo or even one with my clarinet but I insisted on Goosebumps, explaining that the clarinet one would be too dorky.  I’ve never actually read the book I’m holding and out of the 50 or so titles I collected in the series, I only read about 5.  None of those 5 were the book I won a city-wide poster contest for in sixth grade; I just liked drawing wolves.  I guess the judges never read them either.”

(submitted by Jonathan)

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LOL Cat - Photos

A little known cure for writer’s block.

(submitted by Gene)

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The Perm

The Perm - Kids

It takes two to make a perm go right.

(submitted by Melissa)

In Kids • September 17th, 2013 • 5 Comments »
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