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funny dad son picture

If there’s anyone that relate to you, it’s Dad.

(submitted by Dan)

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funny braces picture, funny school picture

“This is my freshman yearbook photo. I was tired of having unflattering school photos year after year, so I decided to try and make this one as ugly as possible. Success.”

(submitted by Maddie)

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Harriet Potter

awkward harry potter

“This is my 4th grade school picture- it was in the yearbook, the one I gave to my friends, family, grandmas, even my 4th grade crush. At the time, I didn’t think anything was wrong with my smile. There are tons of pictures of me as a kid around that age where I smiled like that. It wasn’t until I got older & looked back that I realized how utterly ridiculous I looked. I also think the glasses just tie the whole thing together. I truly look like Harry Potter’s long lost sister.”

(submitted by Delaina)

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Cupid Revisited

funny couples picture

See the original Cupid here.

(submitted by Scott)

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Bathroom Reader

funny recreation picture, awkward kid photo

Looks like the bathroom has gotten more crowded over the years.

(submitted by Scott)

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Do The Conga

smooth kid picture

“Seven year-old me knew what was up.”

(via Mentalmuse)

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