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Thrilled to be there.

(submitted by Jen)

Mimi & Pete

Mimi loved Pete, but felt like she was a solo act.

(submitted by Pete)

The Fold

Go ahead. He’s listening.

(submitted by Valerie)

First Communion

She has a confession to make.

(submitted by Lora)


Their plan wasn’t fully hatched.

(submitted by Rebecka)

Call Me Maybe

Despite the fact that his phone ended up at a different college, they decided to stay together.

(submitted by Mark)


Her doctor did not do a very good job explaining things.

(submitted by Rocky)

The Wave

The neighbors have tried to complain.

(submitted by Linde)

Take Me Higher

“My dad’s family.”

(submitted by AJ)


“My brother must have just turned 14 or 15 which apparently means that there is no party anymore. Instead he was stuck with an undecorated cake and a chicken pox/calamine lotion covered little sister to take his picture with. Clearly, neither one of us was very happy about it.”

(submitted by Jamie)