Dog Shawl - Pets

Dog Shawl

An effective way to lower the heating bills.

(submitted by Rocky)

Number 2 - AFP Hall Of Fame

Number 2

The pencil is mightier than the sword, that is, if you can pick it up.

(submitted by Laura)

Green Steel - Behind The Awkwardness

Green Steel

“So my Dad’s landlord, who is trying to bring business back to his failing modeling agency (failing probably because he takes photos like this), volunteered to take pictures of my dad and I. He dressed and posed both of us, and this was the result. Oh, his instruction for our facial expression was “Give me stubborn! Give me sassy!”

(submitted by Clarity)

Wet T-Shirt - Family Portrait

Wet T-Shirt

You must eat thirty minutes before taking a photo in this family.

(submitted by Andrea)

Cat Ladies - Pets

Cat Ladies

You do not receive this distinction until you’ve cat-ccessorized.

(submitted by Carla)

Hot Air - Pets

Hot Air

When this man says he’s “blow-drying the pig,” he is in fact blow-drying the pig.

(submitted by Amy)

Junior - Grandpa


See, some men can relate.

(submitted by Chen)

Stretch - Pets


Grandma’s laid-back attitude was contagious.

(submitted by Faith)

My Mom, The Cougar - Behind The Awkwardness

My Mom, The Cougar

“This is a photo of my mom and her new boyfriend. They like to travel and take pictures of themselves. She is very proud to be with him and makes sure to post pictures like this one all over the internet for me and my sister’s friends to see. So not embarrassing.”

(submitted by Hayley)

Look At It - Babies

Look At It

These two are considering having one of their own.

(submitted by Natasha)