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Wagon Trouble

Nobody wanted to pull him.

(submitted by Julian)


Never fall asleep on the job.

(submitted by Briea)

Straight Man

He wears his happiness on the inside.

(submitted by Janet)

Spit It Out

“Seemingly unaware that me (the baby) was about to spit up, my sister (yes, she looks like a boy, pre-donny osmond I suppose) holds that completely straight face through the whole picture…even with the wet stickiness on her arm.  I guess my mom should have tried harder to burp me before they took pictures.”

(submitted by Megan)

Please Be Seated 2

He can sit with the best of them.

(submitted by Morgan)

The Bright Side

Only one of them was aware it existed.

(submitted by Angela)


You’ve located it. Now what?

(submitted by Mary)

Baby Bjorn

Here’s to the man who always knows how to improvise.

(submitted by Jen)


When you’ve got the rhythm, it’s a snap.

(submitted by Justine)

Catscratch Fever 2

This black cat made the mistake of crossing his path.