Kung Fu Fighting

Kung Fu Fighting - Couples

“My cousin’s wife is having a baby, so he decided to get some ‘professional’ pictures taken.”

(via source and Kim Burmester Photography)

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Lamazement - Couples

“Looking back on my maternity pictures from 2014. I thought at the time this was a cute pose but it looks more like I fainted and my husband was trying to do CPR on my forehead. We had a good laugh today when we found it!”

(submitted by Kellie)

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The Delivery Room Comedian

The Delivery Room Comedian - Couples

“I wore this custom shirt during my wife’s labor. She was not amused.”

(via source)

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Real Life Pregnancy

Real Life Pregnancy - Pregnancy

“All the women now wear tight shirts and dresses showing off their future bundle of joy. They hire a professional photographer to take their picture to celebrate their body during their beautiful transformation. This is not one of those pregnancy pictures.”

(submitted by Charlotte)

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Turkey With A Side Of Exhaustion

Turkey With A Side Of Exhaustion - Couples

“Wife left a note in my lunch.”

(via source)

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Panda Love

Panda Love - Mom

“My mother inadvertently got an erotic panda cake for my baby shower.”

(via source)

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Not Having It

Not Having It - Kids

“We were gonna do a cool pregnancy announcement pic, but our daughter wasn’t having it.”

(via source)

In Kids • August 18th, 2016 • 1 Comment »
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