The Kids


Sprinkle - Family Portrait

Some lessons are taught the hard way.

(submitted by Lindsey)

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day - Behind The Awkwardness

“I’m the pissed-off one dressed in high style 80′s neon on the far right, two feet away from Mom and my grandmother who clearly think the occasion warrants a bit more elegance than I do. (And yes, it really was mother’s day).”

(submitted by Valerie)

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School Ties

School Ties - Behind The Awkwardness

“As was tradition in our family, we were taking our first day of school photos.  The cat, Cuddles, had been posing with us in some of our earlier shots and then ran off.  I was whining because I wanted to have the cat in the pictures.  My brother, intolerant of my whining, punched me and told me to shut up.  This made me cry and I started crying harder when I realized my mom was still taking pictures.”

(submitted by Jennifer)




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Karate Kid 2

Karate Kid 2 - The Kids

It’s all self-defense to her.

(submitted by Jana)

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Haunted House

Haunted House - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is me somewhere around 1981-82 with a demon at a local haunted house that ran every year. I was addicted to horror movies as a kid (and still am) so whenever the haunted house started up, I’d beg my mom let me to go in with the lights off.  After an endless amount of badgering, she finally let me go through in the dark. Expecting me to come running back out screaming, she stayed by the entrance only to see me come bouncing out the exit with a huge smile on my face. To commemorate this, she let me pose for a picture with the demon. As you can see, my smile refused to fade even a little bit and I was probably more than a little overdressed for the occasion.”

(submitted by Lonnie)

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