Extra Safety Features

Extra Safety Features - Kids

“When your older brother is learning to drive…”

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Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation - Kids

“Kindergartners comment on a classic work of art.”

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Way Past Naptime

Way Past Naptime - Family Portrait

“And that’s when I knew my son was done taking family photos.”

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Ewok This Way

Ewok This Way - Kids

“My brother-in-law put this photo on Facebook. Nobody seemed to notice what was interesting about it.”

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Renaming Wrestlers

Renaming Wrestlers - Kids

“These are wrestler names according to my three-year-old daughter.”

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The Penny X-Ray

The Penny X-Ray - Kids

“I found my X-ray from when I got a penny stuck in my esophagus when I was two, and it shows my Mom holding my hand.”

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My Worry List

My Worry List - Kids

“My mom made a list of things I consistently worried about when I was in 3rd grade, and shared it with my pediatrician. She found the list this morning. Every time I learned of a new ailment or world issue, I was convinced it would happen to me. We had a lesson on seizures…new phobia. Had a lesson on scarlet fever…new phobia. Had a lesson on Joseph Stalin (5th grade)…new phobia.”

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