Know It All

Know It All - Kids

“My sister is starting off third grade strong.”

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My Daughter’s Browser History

My Daughter’s Browser History - Kids

“My 5 year old daughters browser history. She uses siri, so it’s voice to text. (She doesn’t have her own phone.)”

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The Leftovers

The Leftovers - Kids

“My friend’s 7-year-old really wanted to make sure his mom didn’t eat his leftovers.

It says: “Do not touch or I will chop your head off.”

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Spelling D

Spelling D - Kids

“My six-year old son got a note sent home from his teacher yesterday. The circled words are what he was supposed to use for his spelling work.”

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Ballers - Co-Workers & Teams

“My friend got her daughter’s basketball team pictures today.”

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Just Being Honest

Just Being Honest - Kids

“My nephew started 1st grade yesterday.”

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