Tats For Tots

Tats For Tots - Kids

“What we do in my house on snow days.”

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Mannequin - Kids

“Me and the friend I built, playing the clarinet together.”

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Stick Figure

Stick Figure - Kids

‘I received this note from my son’s kindergarten teacher. It isn’t the first interesting note and probably not the last. He told me he just thought it was a good idea, but it wasn’t.”

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A Son’s Failed Password Anguish

A Son’s Failed Password Anguish - Kids

“How I found out that my son tried to access my tablet.”

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Lunchbox Desperation

Lunchbox Desperation - Kids

“Found this note in my son’s backpack while cleaning it out over the summer. While I admit to occasional lunchbox desperation, I do not recall ever packing spiky, boiled sea urchins.”

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Cheeseball - Behind The Awkwardness

“Last year, my spirited son, Henry, came home from school with this note in his folder. I had a really hard time keeping a straight face!”

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One Reason To Be Sent Home From School

One Reason To Be Sent Home From School - Kids

“My little brother got sent home today. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

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