Bag Lady

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“Ever since my older sister was born, my dad was filming and taking photos of us. Then I was born and we went to Hersey park. It seems having a baby in a stroller helped equip dad with a way to carry his camera bag aka the part that actually records. Circa 1986.”

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Submitted by Jax

14 Responses to “Bag Lady”

  1. Bruce says:

    Great picture, But who is the Babe in the background?

  2. James Ozanich says:

    Hi Jax, Cute story. Now I see why your brother, Geo, is so handsome. Good luck with this contest.

  3. Jax- I can (unfortunately) identify with this image ;)

    Love this and hope you win – after all you had to carry equipment from a young age- you are entitled after all !!

  4. Ben says:

    As a baby in the mid 80′s I had a similar experience, my father almost broke my arms under a cell phone. Good luck! Hope you win!

  5. Audrey says:

    Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words! Love it!!!

  6. Molly says:

    That baby is gonna kick some butt when he grows up!

  7. Mr. C. says:

    This picture proves that you owe your Dad for getting your career in Audio/Visual systems off to an early start! Great Picture!

  8. Carol says:

    That was one year before I became a mandated reporter….
    But it also started your life of keeping memories on film.
    Great fun!!!

  9. Chelle says:

    Omigosh…this is an absolute stitch! Today, he’d be arrested…haha

  10. Barbara Kiley says:

    Good luck

  11. Susan says:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!

  12. Darlene says:

    Inventive lol

  13. Evelyn says:


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