Awkward Vacation Photo Contest

After receiving thousands of submissions, we’re proud to announce our winner! Congratulations to Emily Oller for being mauled by a herd of farm animals and for winning a $5,000 vacation! Here’s the story in her own words:

“This photo was taken at West Coast Game Park Safari located in Bandon, Oregon around 2000. Our family vacationed to Bandon every year and we would always visit the wildlife park because you could get ice cream cones filled with deer food to feed and pet the deer and goats. As we walked into the park my sister saw a baby goat and picked it up while I was feeding one of the deer. Next thing I know I am bombarded by deer and goats. My parents snapped the photo of my cute sister without seeing me in the background. The rest of the vacation involved a horseback trip that ended up a disaster. My sister was bucked off. My mom’s horse started to roll with her on its back, my dad lost his cell phone in thick prickly bushes and my horse reared up and galloped away from the group.”

And here’s Ed Helms on Good Morning America calling Emily (on a rotary phone) to tell her she’s won!

Congratulations to our other two finalists, Laura & Stacey and thanks to everyone in the AFP community for so many amazing submissions!

“Our family vacation was rained out basically the entire trip in Florida. We all flew in from all different parts of the country for a fun filled week of sun and parks and were literally rained out of every place. Here we are wearing our stinky plastic Disney rain gear and finally giving up on having any fun this trip.”

“Our first trip to Disney made for a few roller coaster fun memories. People keep asking us, “How did you get them to keep going on those rides?” “Bribery and lots of convincing,” is our answer.”

And don’t forget to check out Vacation in theaters today! It’s hilarious.