Absolutely Fabulous

February 1st, 2011

Absolutely Fabulous - Pets

It’s your big day… and oh yeah, your owners are getting married too.

(submitted by Miranda)

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  1. ej says:

    poor guy

  2. Dallas_Gal says:

    I’m so doing this for my wedding — whenever it may be.

  3. Troy says:

    Did anyone realize the groom in this picture is the famous NASCAR driver Kyle Busch?

    • Bridgette says:

      OMG…THAT’S KYLE BUSCH !!!! yes I did immediatley! guess it was snagged off his web site…..wonder if he knows it’s on this site?

  4. Sam fan! says:

    Kyle and Sam look wonderful in the photo. To answer someone’s question here, the gown had feathers on the bottom. If I were to guess about this photo, it might be the photographer snapped the picture when the dogs were ready and not the couple. It looks like she is saying something thru her smile.
    Please visit Kyle’s site to see more fantastic photos. If you think the dress is pretty in the back, wait until you see it from the front!

    • Barbara says:

      Cool! I’d love to see them. They look wonderful, this picture just isn’t the greatest pose. I’m sure they have some beautiful pictures of their big day. I wish them all the best. Kyle, Sam and the doggies!

  5. Kathie says:

    That is Kyle Busch, and what isn’t shown in this pic is that his big brother Kurt wrote “HELP ME” on the bottom of his shoes, which were quite clearly seen during the ceremony as they were kneeling at the altar!!!1 Gotta love it…

  6. Janet says:

    Kyle and Sam are big dog lovers. These two are absolutely adorable and I do not see anything wrong with this one. They were not in all of the photos but wanted to have them in some.

  7. Michelle says:

    I’m more concerned about the disembodied hand coming out of the flower. I thought the invitation specifically said, “No Zombies.”

  8. Mike says:

    “No Westie is going to upstage me on my wedding day!” she said as she dug her claws in deeper, blood gushing from the hapless groom’s shoulder.

  9. Dan says:

    Did the bridesmaid’s dresses match the dog’s outfit?

  10. justme says:

    Well my original comment got booted and, as usual, I’m not even sure what I wrote that was offensive. Anyway……wow! Yeah, pretty gown. But she looks like a mannequin, seriously, so plastic, then there’s the killer shark like smile, the death grip on the shoulder…….the dogs don’t actually bother me half as much as the humans.

    I hope that was tame enough….

    • Lorrene says:

      I think the dress is beautiful, she is beautiful, the dogs are adorable, I like the picture. Only her grip is a little strong.

    • CB says:

      Haha, I have the same problem with this site and my comments, sometimes. It’s like…..”what? how did what I say not make it?” I don’t get it….so you’re not alone.

      I agree, too….the humans are the more awkward component for me. I’m not a dog person, but I get why someone would want them in an important picture in their life *shrugs* The double death grip (her on him, and him on door), and her plastic-esque quality definitely contribute most of the awkwardness in my opinion.

  11. skyflyer says:

    What’s the fuzzy thing on this right wrist?

    • just sayin' says:

      I think it is his boutonniere. His hand is behind it and it looks like the flowers are on his hand instead of his lapel.

  12. Vicki says:

    As if I didn’t hate NASCAR driver Kyle Busch enough…wow, just…wow. GORGEOUS wedding dress, though.

  13. Rick D says:

    I don’t know anything about wedding dresses. Is it normal for them to be fuzzy, like the dogs?

  14. Lauren says:

    Is that Kyle Busch??

  15. lb says:

    I actually think the window is more distracting than the dogs,I keep looking out the window to try and figure if there is a pool behind them. The brides death claw on the grooms arm is also weird. Plus couldn’t they atleast have gotten the dogs formal wedding wear.

  16. mandie says:

    BTW, I love, love, LOVE the beaded detailing on her wedding dress on the back collar! (I know, that is such a girl thing to notice!) The dress really is absolutely fabulous!

  17. mandie says:

    It would be a really striking photo if they would crop the dogs out. Otherwise, it’s cheesy.

  18. boredatwork says:

    I was waiting for the page to load so I could scroll down and this was my thought process:
    Wow, what a beautiful gown!
    They look great!
    What a nice pose to show off that dress and what a great idea to use the window for the reflection.
    I wonder what’s awkward? Her death-grip on his shoulder or his death-grip on the window frame?
    And then it loaded all the way……
    O. I love my dog and I love dogs in general and those are some cute LWDs….but c’mon…..

  19. Jill says:

    How awkward! The groom’s flowers don’t match the trim on the doggie sweaters.

  20. Greta says:

    I love the death claw she has on his shoulder and the snidely grin…..Wha,hahahaha….I’ve got you now!

  21. Carolyn says:

    Isn’t this a NASCAR driver?????

    • NASCAR FAN says:

      IT IS! I cross checked it against pictures from Kyle Busch’s recent wedding (December 2010) and it’s totally him and his new bride! HILARIOUS!

  22. Cooper's Mom says:

    That is NASCAR Driver Kyle Bush! He married Samantha Sarcinella on New Years Day…

  23. GulfGirl says:

    I do not see this as awkward at all! It’s a super cute idea!

  24. bequi says:

    Oops, reflection in the window, not mirror.

  25. WestieMom says:

    I think those westies are fake. There is no way they could be still that long for a picture :)

  26. Lori says:

    Bethany heard there was a possibility of strong low to the ground winds and she wanted to be sure her skirt was weighted down sufficiently.

  27. mimi221 says:

    She (the human one) looks like she’d like to rip the groom’s arm right out of its socket. And I think she’s positioning herself to give him a big kick in the groin. The dogs must belong to him, they are valiantly trying to hold her back…

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