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Saturday Night Special: Hanging Tough

Sometimes, you have to get creative if you want them to eat.

(submitted by Shauna)

In Celebrities • May 29th, 2010 • 132 Comments »

Saturday Night Special: All Hands On Deck

Everybody wants a piece of the Captain.

(submitted by Zoe)

In Saturday Night Specials • February 6th, 2010 • 98 Comments »

Behind The Awkwardness: The Pincher

“This is my dear friend. She had never been on a cruise before, and didn’t realize that they took your picture when you got out at each port. Naturally, since we had a 7:30 am excursion, she was a little disoriented when she was greeted with flashbulbs and men in native dress. Imagine her surprise when she saw this photo and realized that this lovely Sombrero wearing guy was getting a little souvenir for himself.”

(submitted by Amber)

In Behind The Awkwardness • January 7th, 2010 • 98 Comments »

Fruit Loops

The boredom on this vacation was all-inclusive.

(submitted by Tina)

In Vacation • December 1st, 2009 • 46 Comments »


Somebody in this photo isn’t so sure.

(submitted by Jerry)

In Mom & Dad • September 18th, 2009 • 83 Comments »
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