Stumped - Family Portrait


What about a stump doesn’t scream unity and togetherness?

(submitted by Eric)

Deeply Denim - Engagement

Deeply Denim

There is no aphrodisiac quite like denim.

(submitted by Miranda)

Nosedance - Engagement


So close, but yet, so very close.

(submitted by anonymous)

Awkward Band Photo - Co-Workers & Teams

Awkward Band Photo

Feeling inspired by the movie Anvil, we decided to post this photo of another form of a family… the band. Although Area 57 and their music are no longer with us, their awkwardness will rock on forever.

(submitted by James)

Awkward Pose of the Week: The Thigh Chair - Dad

Awkward Pose of the Week: The Thigh Chair

For those youngsters ages 7 and below who aren’t quite ready to attempt an armshelf.

(submitted by Beckie)

Split Personality - Family Portrait

Split Personality

This submission comes all the way from Romania, proving that yes, they are all gymnasts.

(submitted by Matei)

Shred, White, and Blue - AFP Hall Of Fame

Shred, White, and Blue

We couldn’t think of a more awkward way to commemorate Memorial Day weekend.

(submitted by Julia)