ghosted portrait

Always on My Mind - Couples

Always on My Mind

“My mom’s engagement photo shoot involved some thought-provoking poses.”

(submitted by Ashley)

Nose Frida - Babies

Nose Frida

“At least this photographer didn’t try to capture that special moment that looked like I was blowing my daughter out my nose. Thanks Kmart, circa 1977.”

(via Jane)

Shoulder Beard - Couples

Shoulder Beard

It was time to shave her shirt.

(submitted by Rebecca)

My Buddy - Babies

My Buddy

“As a ballsy 8 year-old, I clearly had a specific vision and a mother who humored me. To this day, I wonder what that poor photographer was thinking.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

The Beard - Behind The Awkwardness

The Beard

“Picture of my ex on our wedding day with me kinda faintly showing in the background. Everyone who’s seen it has said it was weird. I think it’s the beard.”

(submitted by Paul)

Adventures In Babysitting - Behind The Awkwardness

Adventures In Babysitting

“This is a picture of my brother Jason. His babysitter’s son and him got in a fight.  Not wanting to cancel their professional portrait appointment, the babysitter thought this would be a good way to say sorry to our mom.”

(submitted by Lauren)

Head Games - Teens

Head Games

One of them has a confession to make.

(submitted by Dick)

Three’s Company - Siblings

Three’s Company

First one to call it gets to be “ghosted.”

(submitted by Patrick)

Easy Riders - AFP Hall Of Fame

Easy Riders

And they said it would never work.

(submitted by Jen)

The Wedge - Family Portrait

The Wedge

This child shows no remorse about splitting her parents up.

(submitted by Emily)