Bridaled - Wedding


Even his friends thought this one was a reach.

(submitted by Sara)

Mind Of A Married Man - Wedding

Mind Of A Married Man

It would have made perfect sense if that was his wife.

(submitted by Karlie)

The Smoosher - Wedding

The Smoosher

You may now smoosh the bride.

(submitted by Adam)

It’s Right Here - Wedding

It’s Right Here

“This is a special moment on my wedding day when my father saw me in my wedding dress for the first time. Unfortunatley my brother was “rearranging” behind us. No one caught this until AFTER the photo had been printed in my wedding album!”

(submitted by Katie)

An Apple A Wedding Day Part 2 - Wedding

An Apple A Wedding Day Part 2

Agnieszka i Daniel are back with more random objects and less clothes.

(submitted by John)

An Apple A Wedding Day - AFP Hall Of Fame

An Apple A Wedding Day

On second thought, he decided to keep the ring.

(submitted by John)

The Stinkeye - Mom

The Stinkeye

Don’t be afraid to let your mother-in-law know how you really feel.

(submitted by Matthew)

The Long Kiss - Wedding

The Long Kiss

This guy has really been looking forward to his wedding night.

(submitted by K)

Ass-Kissers - Wedding


Sometimes you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do.

(submitted by Sarah)

Wedding With The Works - Wedding

Wedding With The Works

She thought the burger was a cute idea until he was smearing it all over her face.