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Borderline - Pets

“Does this frame make me look fat?”

(submitted by BJ)

In Pets • August 23rd, 2011 • 19 Comments »

That Girl Is Poison

That Girl Is Poison - Black And White

“This photo was taken in 1950 while our family was on a summer vacation at the Jersey Shore. I am the lovely creature on the left with a horrendous case of poison sumac and look like a creature from outer space. My two brothers seem only intent on shooting the photographer, and my mother, grandmother and grandfather seem unfazed by this weird person in the photo with them. How did I ever allow anyone to take my photo looking like this? I was just 6 years old and probably didn’t think twice about it at the time.”

(submitted by Margaret)

In Black And White • January 15th, 2011 • 89 Comments »


Waterlogged - Black And White

There’s no better picture op than going down in a wooden canoe.

(submitted by Megan)

In Black And White • October 14th, 2010 • 52 Comments »

Right Back Atcha

Right Back Atcha - Pets

It’s only fair.

(submitted by Leyda)

In Pets • October 6th, 2010 • 14 Comments »

The Dog Lifter

The Dog Lifter - Pets

One of many reasons he always recommended a medium-sized dog.

(submitted by Samantha)

In Pets • August 24th, 2010 • 8 Comments »

History Of Obedience

History Of Obedience - Pets

As long as there have been awkward family portraits, there have been awkward family pet portraits.

(submitted by Dan)

In Pets • July 22nd, 2010 • 29 Comments »

All Skate

All Skate - Black And White

Never bother dad while he’s watching his figure skating.

(submitted by Claire)

In Black And White • February 28th, 2010 • 77 Comments »
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