old timey

Right Back Atcha - Pets

Right Back Atcha

It’s only fair.

(submitted by Leyda)

The Dog Lifter - Pets

The Dog Lifter

One of many reasons he always recommended a medium-sized dog.

(submitted by Samantha)

History Of Obedience - Pets

History Of Obedience

As long as there have been awkward family portraits, there have been awkward family pet portraits.

(submitted by Dan)

All Skate - Black And White

All Skate

Never bother dad while he’s watching his figure skating.

(submitted by Claire)

Headfakes - Black And White


This is just what people had to do before the discovery of the “headpile.”

(submitted by Garland)

Out On A Limb - Black And White

Out On A Limb

Cousin Fletcher thought he was above it all.

(submitted by Linnea)

Little Horse and Buggy on the Prairie - Black And White

Little Horse and Buggy on the Prairie

This family takes us back to a time when road trips were even more uncomfortable.

Strung Up - Black And White

Strung Up

Never underestimate Grandma.

(submitted by Paul)

Twilight Zone - Black And White

Twilight Zone

A holiday pic that quite frankly, scares the crap out of us.

(submitted by Marissa)

Awkwardian Era - Black And White

Awkwardian Era

Yep, even old-timey folks did it.

(submitted by Jeff)