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The Smoosher

The Smoosher - Wedding

You may now smoosh the bride.

(submitted by Adam)

In Wedding • December 28th, 2009 • 124 Comments »

9 Days to Xmas: Standing Tall

9 Days to Xmas: Standing Tall - Christmas

Clearly, some have outgrown Christmas.

(submitted by Cam)

In Christmas • December 15th, 2009 • 76 Comments »

The Cabbage Patch Diaries

The Cabbage Patch Diaries - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

We still can’t believe he cheated on her.

(submitted by Verda)

In *AFP Hall Of Fame* • August 23rd, 2009 • 341 Comments »

Rebel Rebel

Rebel Rebel - Family Portrait

Somebody’s the plaid sheep.

(submitted by Shari)

In Family Portrait • July 23rd, 2009 • 133 Comments »

4th of July: The Kids Are Alright

4th of July: The Kids Are Alright - Siblings

And apparently enjoying a glass of red wine.

(submitted by Carrie)

In Siblings • July 4th, 2009 • 80 Comments »


Grandfeeder - Grandpa

This proud grandfather is just a little confused about his role in the family.

(submitted by Alia)

In Grandpa • June 23rd, 2009 • 65 Comments »

The Swinger

The Swinger - Siblings

When you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

(submitted by Neal)

In Siblings • June 8th, 2009 • 152 Comments »
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