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More Than Meets The Eye

“Being a mom isn’t easy so while you try to get one kid to sleep you’re also playing with another.”

(submitted by Kaitlen)

The Truth About Cats And Dogs

“Me and our dog and my wife and our cat.”

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Monster Mash-Up

“Mom’s photoshop skills on an ex-husband.”

(submitted by Heather)

Big Bird

“In 1986, all I wanted was big bird at my party. Mom and Dad nailed it.”

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“My friend decided to try playing Rugby.”

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Magic Box

“My nephew didn’t really care about the bike I bought him.”

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Wedding Casual

“2 steps into walking down the aisle. He said ‘Goddamit Jeri, did my pants just fall down?'”

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Land Of Confusion

“Family pictures have always been a challenge for us.”

(submitted by Amy)

Goat Groom

“My wife’s dress makes it look like I have hooves.”

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Padded Room

“When the silence is too suspicious.”

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