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Two Hilarious Moms Model The Medieval Undergarments They Wear Now That They’ve Had Kids

If you’ve ever looked down at yourself while forcing your flab into multiple layers of nude spandex and thought “what the eff am I doing,” #IMomSoHard may have...

Mom Creates The Ultimate First Year Baby Book

Having a baby is one of life’s biggest milestones, but it’s also one of the busiest time’s of a person’s life. All the diaper changing, crib assembling, and failed co-sleeping blurs together, and it can be a challenge to stop and appreciate the precious time before its gone.

That might be why, when one mom wanted to document her son’s first year, she decided to get creative. She made a monthly calendar depicting her baby enjoying many of life’s great adventures. Not only is it an amazing art project, it’s also a great way to spend time with the little man.

So if you’re gearing up to make your own baby book, the bar has been seriously raised.

1. January

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

2. February

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

3. March

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

4. April

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

5. May

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

6. June

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

7. July

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

8. August

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

9. September

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

10. October

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

11. November

Photo Credit: r/IncredibleSource_

12. December

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Bathtime Blues

Anyone who’s given a kid a bath knows it can be a handful–especially when more than one kid is involved. But thanks to one Imgur user who shared a series of text messages from their partner, we may have found the most epic bathtime mess story of all time. Presented with the simple caption “This happened while I was at work,” this story will have you reaching for your Hazmat suit.

Be warned: if you’re not fond of gross-out stories, TURN BACK NOW.

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The Cleaning Con

When a woman posted an Amazon review for something called “Liquid Ass,” she also showed the world that she’s an evil genius in the making. Liquid Ass is a novelty product that’s exactly what it sounds like, and in the review she described how she used it to trick her boyfriend into cleaning the whole house. Points for creativity.

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A Reminder To Always Wear Underwear

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A Funeral To Remember

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My Mother Baked Me A Menstruation Cake

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Jack’s Birthday Week

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The Panty-Dropper

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Actual Letter Ayn Rand Sent To Her Niece

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