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Matching Outfits

Personal Best

“My family posed for this gem in December 1993. I was 10; my brothers were 8 and 13. My mother loved themed portraits and says now in her defense, ‘Track suits were really hot back then. Everyone wore them. People wore them to work.”

(submitted by Christy) 

Kicked In The Crochet

“Grandma made these wonderful crochet vests for each of my husband’s siblings. He looks strangely happy about it. (far right).”

(submitted by IG @kmlukas

Fringe Benefits

“When your mom, aunt and grandma dress you and your sister up for the photo shoot, this is the result.”

(submitted by IG @ikkimurgz

Shaping Up

“Me and my younger sister in the mid 80s taken at a mall in Waukegan, IL. I remember being super upset about having to wear these matching Esprít outfits with my sister, hence the forced smile.”

(submitted by IG @mitz_vee)

Nut House

“This is a family portrait where we are wearing t-shirts from our boiled peanut business. We had an early morning appointment and got up 15 minutes before our time. The stunned look on our faces is actually a waking up look and thoughts of what are we doing!!!! It has become a family classic.”

(submitted by Joan)

Blue Momday

“It was the Sears photographer’s idea to have them on top of me. It was my idea to put them in matching shirts.”

(submitted by IG @brandmeierlinda

Knit Pic

“Me, my mom, my stepdad, my brother, and my stepbrothers. My parents had those sweaters made by a family friend. I felt like an idiot wearing it at the time but looking back I think it’s hilarious. And I think my mom still has the sweaters.”

(submitted by Barry) 

Denim Divas

“The high waist pants, crisp jean shirts and of course the hair, courtesy of overnight foam rollers. Oh the 90s.”

(submitted by IG @s.lynnw and IG @Hannah_worden

Everybody Do The Dinosaur

“Photo of my family and me (on the left) in the 80’s. No lie, this was a casual Saturday afternoon on our way to the mall! Just HaleyASaurus, MommyASaurus, and HeidiASaurus traveling around in our ‘Wish We Were A Dinosaur Family’ sweats!”

(submitted by Haley)

Prairie Home Companions

“This is me when I was 2 1/2 yrs old and my sister was 5 yrs old. Our last name is really the Waltons and we loved to watch Little House on the Prairie as a family. Mom loved to sew and make matching outfits. This one by far was the most eye catching with the matching bonnets with the dresses.”

(submitted by Becky)