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Melon Man

Behold the legend.

(submitted by Adrian)

Behind The Awkwardness: Birds Of A Feather

“Father and son at museum hosted event at Halloween 1999.  I am an owl and he is a toucan bird.  I made both costumes. My current museum educator thought that this image and moment in time needed to be officially documented.”

(submitted by Scott)

The Fuzz

Sometimes, what’s in focus is the blur.

(submitted by Andrew)


This is what happens when you forget to take out the trash.

(submitted by Isaac)

Pistol Whipped

Ladies, introducing the full package.

(submitted by Laine)


He wanted the hair to match the stache.

(submitted by Hill)

The Dawn Of Man

Taking us back to a time when the caveman look was all the rage.

(submitted by Melissa)


You can look, but he’d rather you touch.

(submitted by Trevor)


Never fall asleep on the job.

(submitted by Briea)


You’ve located it. Now what?

(submitted by Mary)