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Pet-A-Likes: Primped

Who do you think stays in the bathroom longer?

(submitted by Stanley)

The Happy Couple

He insisted she sign a prenup.

(submitted by Mary)

Monkey Suits

A timeless reminder that we’re the awkward ones.

(submitted by David)

The Bucket Lists

Jigsaw and Venice could now check off Mt. Rushmore.

(submitted by Myma)

Dog Day Afternoon


(submitted by Nicolas)

Best In Show

Why be gracious when you crushed the competition.

(submitted by Noreen)

Here Comes The Rooster

He never woke up late.

(submitted by Kenneth)


They got a group grooming rate.

(submitted by Karen)


If you’re wondering if that’s a cat sitting on top of a pig, yes it is.

(submitted by Pat)


There is nothing sexier than a man and his cat.

(submitted by Scott)