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Congratulations to Amy and David who displayed their love (and a lot more) to win the Awkward Engagement Photo Contest! The winners receive a copy of the official AFP board game and signed copies of the New York Times-bestselling Awkward Family Photos books.

Thanks to all of our nominees and the whole AFP community for submitting so many amazing photos (see all the submissions here)!

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Garden of Eden

“This photo has it all when it comes to awkward engagement photos. My husband and I were 19 at the time of the photo and I was still a bit rebellious. My dad was paying for the wedding (including the engagement photos) and I seized the opportunity to show him how grown up I was. I was attempting an artistic Garden of Eden which even included my pet python, Merlin. I frantically purchased fake flowers the day of the photo shoot because I was inspired to make the photo more authentic. After our traditional engagement photos, we took our clothes off and tried some alternate poses.  When we got our proofs back, we showed them to my family at my birthday dinner. My grandma screamed, “OH MY GOD!” and I started crying and ran to the car where soon-to-be husband yelled, “Well, what did you expect!?!”

Submitted by Amy and David

Say Clench

“My wife and I went in to have our engagement photos taken and when the photographer said “squeeze him tight” she did and he snapped a photo at just the right time to catch this crazy look on her face!”

Submitted by Peter

Who Wears The Pants?

Submitted by Sarah

Just The Three Of Us

“Before my now fiance Mike proposed to me, he said he first asked our dog Scooter. Scooter apparently declined his proposal, so I was his second choice. When we were talking about doing engagement photos, Mike said he was still upset about Scooter’s decline, but wanted him included in on the traditional “ring” photo because he was still his “number one.” This is the photo that resulted out of that.”


Submitted by Alex

Perfect Timing

“These are my parents. My dad thought he was an amateur photographer, and made a dark room out of an unused closet. This was his creepy foray in editing…”

Submitted by Brian

Fly Away With Me

Submitted by Stephanie

Swan Lake

Submitted by Teera

The Snuggler

“This was unfortunately one of our engagement photos.”


Submitted by Cassie

Have a Sip

“From our engagement photoshoot, this is one gem from the batch.”

Submitted by Tim

Making the Cut

“We did a series of different photos both black & whites as well as colors. Most of them were good but this one 1/2 his face was cut off/out.”

Submitted by Cassandra