The Awkward Brothers Gallery

In honor of the outrageous new movie The Brothers Grimsby starring Sacha Baron Cohen (in theaters March 11th) we are proud to announce The Awkward Brothers photo gallery!

We’re shining a light on all the special moments of brotherhood including the face claws, the wedgies, and those times when we look at our siblings and wonder how exactly are we related again?

Have your own Awkward Brothers photo? Submit until March 10th to be a part of the gallery!

And check out The Brothers Grimsby on March 11th!

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Humble Pie

“My brothers and I proudly showing off our gym outfits from middle school. We had just moved from Chicago to Humble, TX, and traded in our school uniforms for these delightful white/purple ensembles. Luckily, we wore different colored striped socks to express our individuality; otherwise we could’ve looked REALLY silly.”

Submitted by Mark

Whiz Kids

“I’m the cute little kid in the back. I was about 4 years old and for some reason me and my identical twin brother got the bright idea that it would be fun to go outside and take a wizz on the street. When we came back inside the house my mom asked us where we went and we told her. Then my dad got a brighter idea, went and grabbed the camera and made us go stand in front of our freshly made puddles. Its awkward to say the least.”

Submitted by Juanster

The Justice League

“Halloween 2007… and not much has changed 9 years later.”

Submitted by Linda

A Warm Embrace

“My mom always drags my kids to get their pictures taken when we visit her. They never smile. They never want to participate. It’s always a huge mess. This was the best one we got from that day.”

Submitted by Amanda

Bad Influence

“This is a photo of my brother and step brother (with the cigarette), taken sometime in the early 90’s. My little brother looks a bit scared.”

Submitted by Audrey

Sweet and Low

“This a portrait of my now 14 and 15 year old sons taken about 11 or 12 years ago.”

Submitted by Richelle

Seeing Double

“Me and My brother in matching Garth Brookish type shirts weirdly touching hands and looking surprisingly happy about it.”

Submitted by ryan

Step Aside

“Tom and Rory spent 17 years fighting. This is the Fagin-gate incident . One of many happy snaps!”

Submitted by Jo

Punk & The Hunk

“I was a punk in high school but my brother got all the ladies.”

Submitted by Nick

Rabbit Cage

“Easter joy for my brother and I.”

Submitted by Christopher