The Awkward Office Photo Contest

He bared it all at his Office Christmas Party and for that he’s walking away with the title of Awkward Office Photo Champion! Congratulations to Walt for winning the new Awkward Family Photos Adult Coloring Book and a $1,000 gift card from!

Thanks for all of the amazing submissions (see them below) and make sure to check out Office Christmas Party in theaters today!

Hawaii No Go

“Our office luau.”

Submitted by Chris

Mountain Men

“Twin day in the office.”

Submitted by Amber

Breast Friends

“This episode was not realized until after the photo was taken and the party was over. Where do you rest your hand during a photo?”

Submitted by Dawn

Pen Pals

“This is our annual department photo. In a building full of engineers, graphic designers, art directors, and marketing experts, the best our department could come up with was to hold this gigantic promotional pen and stick our resident bearded guy right in front of the camera and out of focus. We didn’t realize how broken the pen was until we saw the photo.”

Submitted by Letitia

High Times

“We bought our boss weed socks. He’s a good sport!”

Submitted by Lisa

Birds of a Feather

“This is my coworker trying on a Halloween costume to see if it was all in working order. You put the costume on over your clothes and turn on a fan, which blows up the costume and, voila, you are riding an ostrich!”

Submitted by Desiree

Over The Shoulder

“Sadly I would like to say that this was for this contest exclusively but it was not. This is a normal day in the office…with me…and my poor poor co-workers.”

Submitted by Muriel

Oh The Humanities

“This is our high school humanities department embracing the holiday season and spreading cheer to other departments.”

Submitted by Jamie

Foot Rest

“We had pinatas at our workplace Christmas party. Some of the employees got a little aggressive when the pinata was busted. This one was knocked over and an employee wearing the cowboy boot attempted to spin her around on her back.”

Submitted by Cheryl

Cheese Heads

“We work at a candy company, but rent offices inside a cheese factory.”

Submitted by Courtney