A New Way To Print Your Awkward Photos

We recently had a chance to sample some product from Fracture, a new company that prints your photos directly to glass and have to admit– it’s pretty cool.

A few days after we ordered, the printed pics arrived neatly packed in a small box.

We were pleasantly surprised by how sleek the presentation is. Super easy to hang on the wall.

To be honest, the print quality is better than we thought it would be and the photos really pop on the glass. We sampled three different sizes and we were really happy with this finished product. Just because the photos are awkward doesn’t mean the printing has to be as well!

Right now, fracture is offering 20% off to all AFP followers until March 31st!

All you have to do is use promo code CLEAN: bit.ly/awkfractureblog

Let us know what you think!