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The Mouse Before Christmas

“Chile, 1995. A kindergarten picture of me with Santa and a creepy Micky Mouse.”

(submitted by IG @gorn.finarfin

White Snow

“For my third birthday in 1998, in my hometown of Constitucion City, Mexico, I got to meet an extremely creepy Snow White piñata.”

(submitted by IG @lucarrasco_

Food Mountain

“My family and I at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL.  This is a photo of what $70 will get you: 2 hotdogs, 4 fries, 2 corndog bites, 5 soft drinks (the lady threw in the waters for free when she saw me ask for 5 large soft drinks for me & my tiny children) and chairs that are outrageously too small for the tables.  Oh, and all the magic your heart could desire, judging from the looks on my children’s faces.”

(submitted by Gabriel) 

Vegas, Baby

“On a recent trip to visit family in Las Vegas our 3-year old spotted Mickey and Minnie on the strip and wanted a picture. Little did we know there was a butt in the background.”

(submitted by Carmody) 

My Moment With Minnie

“That’s me and a terrifyingly sinister Minnie Mouse (zoom into the eyes if you dare) in the late 1980s at a hotel we were staying in. At first glance I thought my hand was tied to the other child’s but then realised it was ‘Minnie’s’ gloves.”

(submitted by IG @SparkleRocket

Disney Drama

“1985, Disneyworld. I’m the pouty little girl in the bunny hat, next to my sister and cousin and in front of my parents. I don’t remember what happened but it sure seems like I did or said something inappropriate before the photo was taken.”

(submitted by IG @alda_lima)

Mikhail Mouse

“My boyfriend when he was 3. The USSR was a strange time.”

(submitted by IG @tif.saez

Lunatic Toons

“5 year old me with an odd-looking Mickey Mouse and Pink Panther on our family vacation in Mar del Plata, Argentina.”

(submitted by IG @angelagravano)

Hunny Pout

“My mom was so excited about her Disney official costumes. She apparently planned this photo shoot long before I was born.”

(submitted by IG @evpandaqueen)

The Princess And The Grandpa

“Grandpa flirting with a Disney Princess.. grandma not too happy about it (1970).”

(via source)