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greeting card

The Wild Bunch

“It’s 1964 and mom is pregnant with baby number 5 in this photo.”

(submitted by Sharon)

Twisted Sister

“This is a photo of me and my sister. I can remember exactly what the photographer told my sister: ‘Straddle the bench and look directly into your sister’s ear.’ Really? Did he think this was supposed to look good? My mom says it was part of the package and she had to buy it.”

(submitted by Ali)

Snow Day

“This is a picture of little me on my first real snow day. What compelled my mother to buy this snowsuit, let alone dress me in it and bring me out in public, I have no idea.”

(submitted by Kelly)


“At a family birthday party, I thought I would do the fatherly thing and play a little soccer with my daughter.  As I approached her to try to steal the ball, she sent a rocket in my direction. I was okay after writhing on the ground for a few minutes.  We switched to football for the rest of the afternoon.

(submitted by Dan)

Eyes Wide Open

“This is a picture of my brother. The photographer was trying to get him to look at the camera and he snapped his fingers and accidentally scared my brother- perfect timing!”

(submitted by Kelly)

All By Myself

“Our family went on a forest walk Easter Egg hunt at a local farm and I caught this pic. The entire family witnessed the bunny flopping down on a stump in exhaustion or ‘resignation.’ My six-year old looked up at me and asked, ‘Is the Easter Bunny okay, Mom?'”

(submitted by Sarah)

Little Angel

Even heavenly creatures can be ‘over it.’

(submitted by Taylor)


“In 1975, my parents received an early version of a Snuggie as a gift.”

(submitted by Cindy)

How Nana Got Her Groove Back

“This is a photo of my great grandmother Hannah after landing in Hawaii. I found it yesterday while going through a box of my grandmother’s stuff. Apparently she wasn’t “ready” when that photo was taken and didn’t like it. She did, however, like the gentleman in the photo with her.”

(submitted by Amy)

Saturday Night Special: Gloveheads

The Rolls Royce of armshelves.

(submitted by Brianna)