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Hit in the nuts

Hit It

“My daughter has 4 older brothers so she was a little stinker. She kicked one of her brothers in the privates, felt bad after so she wrote him a sorry note with an illustration. The note says ‘Sorry for hitting you in the Jimmies!’ Take note of my son’s face in the picture, she was spot-on with her illustration. She was 6 years old.”

(submitted by Julie)


“At a family birthday party, I thought I would do the fatherly thing and play a little soccer with my daughter.  As I approached her to try to steal the ball, she sent a rocket in my direction. I was okay after writhing on the ground for a few minutes.  We switched to football for the rest of the afternoon.

(submitted by Dan)

Right In The Death Stars

“Other kids grab boobs and crotches when they meet Disney characters. My son nailed Darth Vader in the nuts with a lightsaber.”

(via source)

Below The Belt

“When your 3 year old sister hits you in the tenders right before a photo op for mom.”

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Lookout Below!

“This is a picture of my brother accidentally nut punching my dad seconds before my mom took the picture.”

(submitted by Sean)

A Science Project On Science Projects

You cannot dispute sound science.

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