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nieces and nephews

The Rookie

“My sister’s family went to a theme park in NC and she decided her youngest was ready for his 1st roller coaster ride. Apparently, she was wrong and he takes after her. Everyone thinks this is photo shopped because her husband and the other 2 kids are so calm. She tries to ease her conscience by telling everyone it was a kiddie coaster but I’m pretty sure he’s scarred for life.”

(submitted by Pamela)

Bowl Games

“We woke up and looked everywhere for my niece. Here is where we found her, calm as could be.”

(submitted by Rosa) 

Uncle Dick’s Condiment Photobomb

“My stepdaughters and I were in Chicago visiting my brother-in-law, a professional photographer. He would always set up a mini-studio and shoot pics of the family while we would visit. This particular year, it coincided with a BBQ. Uncle Dick, my mother-in-law’s brother, had been carrying items to the table without realizing he was walking thru the background of the set. He had no idea we were taking pics.”

(submitted by Richard)

Billy Goat

“My niece enjoying the petting zoo. Thankfully, she was unaware of the friskier critters around her!”

(submitted by Shelley) 

Doc Ock Jr.

“My nephew, the octopus.”

(via source)

Deepest Sympathies

“My five-year-old niece picked out a birthday card for me.”

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Car Trouble

“My nephew calls this piece ‘A car for very tall people.'”

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Cake Expectations

“Ordered a birthday cake for my niece.”

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Balance Ball

“The day my niece learned sitting on a ball requires balance.”

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A Horse Of Course

“My niece got photobombed.”

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