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PETS new

Oh Deer

“My great-great grandpa had a pet deer and a pet bear. Guess the bear was in the woods.”

(submitted by Perry)

No Dogs Allowed

Care to respond, Riverside Park?

(submitted by Steven)

Cat Ladies

Hear them meow.

(submitted by Kim)

The Magnet

“To be honest with you, I never thought of this as an awkward photo until recently. Really though, I’m not completely sold on it being awkward at all just because I have a mullet, my cats are wearing ties, and I’m wearing a jacket with no shirt on.”

(submitted by Drew)

The Ham


(submitted by Angelin)

In Cold Blood

So, it actually was a snake in his pants.

(submitted by Mike)

Around The Bend


(submitted by Vicky in the UK)

Teddy Bear

If the ladies like a guy with a dog…

(submitted by Lindsay)

Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

“While my hubby, son, and I were playing Minecraft, my 2.5 year old daughter was playing in the playroom behind me.  After a while I noticed the absence of noise, turned around, and found this sight.  She had fallen asleep in the last position she had been playing in which happened to be laid out on top of my Corgi.  The dog is not very intelligent and just laid there with a 35 lb toddler on top of her for what must have been 20 minutes or more.  After snapping the pic I took the baby to her own bed and the dog acted like nothing happened.”

(submitted by Anna)

Jake The Snake

Charmed, he’s sure.

(submitted by James)