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Unconventional Pets

There’s A Monkey In The Shower

“My husband showering with our monkey Tasha.”

(submitted by Shannon)

Once Bitten

“My little sister, brother and teenage neighbor playing with a baby raccoon. Begs the question- how did we survive the 70s???”

(submitted by Cat)

Made In The Shade

“This is a photo of me and my pet ferret around the time I was three. My aunt decided to surprise my parents and take me to the local PetSmart for a photoshoot. A toddler holding a parasol with a pet ferret, along with unfortunate 90’s attire, makes for one awkward photo.”

(submitted by Jackie)

My Dad And The Lion

“My dad and his veterinarian mother, with their pet lion that they raised for two years. Taken in 1959.”

(via source)


So, that’s who’s been giving you advice.

(submitted by Kenneth)


Now, where did I put that squirrel?

(submitted by Marjeanna)

Playing Possum

“My dad was a vet and would bring home various animals including this possum. The look on my brother’s face is priceless!”

(submitted by Laura)


It’s a beautiful day for an ostrich ride.

(submitted by Blake)


His love for his pet was written all over his face.

(submitted by Chris)


There is nothing sexier than a man and his cat.

(submitted by Scott)