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“One word to describe me at this strange stage in my life – Showman.”

(submitted by Mark)

Keyboard Cat

“I played keyboard in elementary school band and school photos were sometimes full of the rock and roll that comes with the territory.”

(submitted by Patrick)

Fam Jam

“This is my family, years ago. My mother wanted to show how musical of a family we were at the time.”

(submitted by Bill)

The Joy Of Sax

“This is a real photo of my dad from the late 70’s.”

(via bcbc)

Afternoon Delight

“We were in our early 20s and thought this would be great if our boyfriends became musicians.”

(submitted by Shelley)


The Partridge Family

They are thinking of expanding to add a string section.

(submitted by Samantha)

Different Strokes

Last we checked, being in a fraternity did not qualify as a talent.

(submitted by Joseph)

Tickling the Ivories

(submitted by Anne)

The Underwaterist

Taking the violin to depths it’s never been before. Literally.

(submitted by Lindsay)

Blue Note And The Kid

The only thing they had in common was solving crimes.

(submitted by Jonathan)