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Smooth Criminal

A gun in one hand and a whole lotta jazz in the other.

(submitted by Jennifer)


This family just sprouted up.

(submitted by Emily)

Say Anything

Robby was hoping for something a little more impressive to hold over his head.

(submitted by Robby)

American Bandstand

They did it for the nookie.

(submitted by John)

Touched by An Angel


(submitted by Sidney)

Playing It Cool

Just two guys chillaxing in Amish Country.

(submitted by Doug)

Sixteen Candles

It’s so much easier when they just forget your birthday.

(submitted by Michael)

Here I Go Again

Some people just have “it.”

(submitted by Jasmine)

Throw Grandma From the Train

Somebody clearly doesn’t want a hard candy.

(submitted by Matt)

Rear Window

Never before has a birthday cake photograph been so chilling.

(submitted by Tessa and Rebecca)