Bon Family

April 28th, 2009

Bon Family - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Teasing in encouraged in this household.

(submitted by Tommy)

226 Responses to “Bon Family”

  1. Bryanna says:


  2. jim says:

    They must live in Mane…er…Maine.

  3. Mith1215 says:

    Rock On party family. Rock On..!

  4. Amy says:

    This is what kept Aquanet in business…..

  5. Allen says:

    That there is Bakersfield hair!!! She was a cheerleader and he was a track star in high school. Knew them both! Last time I saw him he didn’t have all that hair. He didn’t have her either!

  6. Birdgirl says:

    Reminds me of Lion Country Safari.

  7. Dan says:


  8. Lori says:

    WOW thats the best family pic I have seen ever!!! WTF is up with that hair. Now we finally know who to blame global warming on…Can you say Aqua Net-The white can!

  9. Jim Jarman says:

    Also posted in the Big Hair Hall of Fame.

  10. skidman says:

    Isn’t that the “Feral Child” from “The Road Warrior”? She was a cheerleader in the ’80’s and he was a drummer in a small hair metal bad called “Limozeen!”

  11. Tdiz says:

    Every time I see this photo I get something new out of it. For example, why is she wearing her gold belt around her neck?

  12. Bill in Houston says:

    They all met in the second grade.

  13. Dj says:

    Every time I see this photo, it makes me laugh… not because of how ridiculous the photo is (it is) but because I know these people.

  14. jack-on-the-rox says:

    Wahlberg’s character and family from the direct to DVD Boogie Nights 2.

  15. Thumpmonkey says:

    Holy c*, I think I went to high school with all 3 of them!!!

  16. Erica says:

    Do you think this relationship has “held” together through all the public ridicule?

  17. Bobby Five says:

    Some get lice, they get squirrels.

  18. chicki says:

    I took one looked laughed so hard I think I pee’d and then cried and then typed this…WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING????

  19. George says:

    Is that Sarah Palin?

  20. Photographer says:

    I know that no one will believe me but I took that photo. It was Sears Portrait Studio in late 89 or early 90. How can you forget a family like that. Mom was not amused when I commented on how nice the Rocker Family looked. Dad was nice, but mom was not as pleasant.

  21. cj says:

    I’ve been passing this one around in email for years. Still a fave! I’d love to see this family today… wondering how they’re wearing their hair???

  22. SantiagoGringa says:

    Best. 80s. Hair. Family. Photo. Evah!

  23. joe says:

    is that brett favre?

  24. Jiggywiddit says:

    That’s messed up.

  25. Ryan says:

    Does anyone here remember Beebo the cat from newgrounds?

  26. Gus says:

    There’s a happy face at the bottom of the screen, and if you highlight it, it tilts to the right.

  27. dfdsf says:

    Child Abuse!!!

  28. powkang says:

    this one’s a classic.

  29. big t says:

    “woaaaaaa, we’re halfway there, whoa OW livin on a prayer. Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear.”

  30. Tommy D says:

    Sorry we’re late! Helluva windstorm out there today. But then, YOU KNOW WHAT THE SAY ABOUT CHICAGO!

  31. angel_i says:

    That kid looks SO happy to have had her hair done the shoot! LOL!

  32. Brandie says:

    Wow i actually know this family … He used to be my landlord … HEHEH if your reading this just think back to ….. the cockroach has more feelings them Lizzy and Brandie 😛

  33. zoe says:

    OMG! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  34. Sam T says:


  35. Gabe says:

    No freaking way.

  36. choni baretz says:

    Is ‘bon’ short for Bonaventure, by any chance?

  37. Fabio says:

    Shot thru the urethra,and u´re to blame!U gave child,a bad hair!

  38. Michelle says:

    Ooooh hell yes!!! Give them the medal for “Hottest Family of the Millenium”!!!

  39. Sharon says:

    I bet I used to think that was hella sexay!

  40. missy says:

    lmao @ heather!!

  41. Halloween Jack says:

    Eh, this one has been around forever.

  42. jikido says:

    Jon Bon Jovi DID marry his high school sweetheart. cool.

  43. JoMama says:

    The family that mullets together, stays together!

  44. Heather says:

    Dizam! Sponsered by Aqua Net. Is that Dog Chapman as a baby?

  45. QuestionEvil says:

    An a shame scale of 1 to 10 I think this one goes to 11.

  46. Don says:

    This is what happens when lions mate with humans.

  47. Jane says:

    I think this mullet would qualify as child abuse

  48. CynicalStar says:

    when they say teasing can be a good thing…. this is NOT one of those instances…

  49. blessyourheartmom says:

    The inspration for the movie “Joe Dirt”.

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