Bon Family

April 28th, 2009

Bon Family - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Teasing in encouraged in this household.

(submitted by Tommy)

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  1. choni baretz says:

    This was every couple I went to “alternative” high school with in the 80’s. I bet they were fun parents!

  2. john says:

    Best ever. Just give them the award and close the site down.

  3. Wayne says:

    Weather forecast: High humidity, with strong winds from the South….

  4. Joe Dierte says:

    Joe Dirt – Joe Dirt – Joe Dirt !

  5. Muskrat Ranch says:

    I wish big hair would come back into fashion for even just a short while, I was in high school in the late 80’s and that hair was fun

  6. Dahlin' says:

    The higher the hair the closer to… Well whatever is looming over God.

  7. Jennifer says:

    What would you say if you were the photographer and these people showed up? lol! All the pictures would be fuzzy from laughing so hard!

  8. caustic fernando says:

    this family is the best. nobody can say nothing. The real family of The Lion King. I love them!!!! (family King: please send me christmas card this year. I will be waiting anxious!!! thanks).

  9. Her says:

    I blame this family for at least three of the holes in the ozon layer!

  10. Beth says:

    Oh dear GAWD!

  11. bradley says:


  12. tom says:

    funny picture…………. but hey guys ease up on the comments will ya……….. all the comments are funnier then the original pict, so funny I just shot coffee out of my nose when I read all the comments

  13. tom says:

    Ok boys & girls, remember if you own a convertable, MAKE sure that you leave the top UP on the drive to the Photographers to have your picture taken for the family christmas card!!!

  14. tom says:

    Honey, make sure that you PUT hair conditioner on the grocery list next week!!!

  15. christie says:

    The dad is hot!!!!!

  16. Ani says:

    I don’t see why this fashion hasn’t come back into style.

  17. Megalynn says:

    No way! There are more pictures of this family on here? Haha I love it!

  18. yyy says:


  19. IsafromBrazil says:

    Ohh No…Not Again… Does anybody has a pic of this family nowadays?

  20. Becca says:

    Wha….. words fail me…..awesome. Simply Aewsome.

  21. Ginger says:

    And how many cans of Aquanet did they actually use?

  22. xy mom says:

    I swear the girl is Marg Helgenberger from CSI. I call this an awkward photoshop job. Hair and clothes real faces not.

  23. Richard Davies says:

    Are they called the “Bon” family because the Jon Bon Jovi?

    I was thinking that because JBJ had a fairly similar hairdo in the late 1980s, but then again didn’t most 1980s Heavy Metal group members?

  24. Alex says:

    this is totally the same family of the other mullet picture!
    no way that they are different

  25. Paramantus says:

    “in the jungle, the mighty jungle…” 😉

  26. foobella says:

    @Melinda. I busted out laughing at what your son said. Kids say the darndest things.

  27. graphicartist2k5 says:

    “here i go again, on my own, goin’ down the only road i’ve ever known!”

  28. Melinda says:

    When I showed my 5 year old son this picture, he said “Wow…. were they born like that?” I laughed my head off!

  29. Jules says:

    The folks saying this is fake must be too young to remember this horrible period in hair fashion – it was really like that. The smell of Aqua-Net in every public restroom … the funniest thing about that hairstyle was how stupid it looked from the side or the back. And that isn’t a dress on the little boy, it has to be his “Hammer-time” pants.

    • Blondie says:

      I so agree! I dont think they were born yet when parachute pants, popped collars and hair bands were the rage! hahaha…

  30. matthew says:

    I know these people this picture is from a church directory from a city north of Indianapolis by about 40 min to 1 hr. the guy used to work for UPS. I have not seen them since around 95 or 96 but they did not look anything like that the last time I saw them

    • WI_DJ says:

      Okay, this is scaring me. I was a photographer in the late 80’s and the first time I saw these pictures on the internet, I SWEAR I took these and met this family. I worked for PCA in Kmarts and Olan Mills Church Directory division covering everywhere from Indiana to Minnesota. And I know for a fact we did quite a few where you describe, especially somewhere like Anderson, IN which is about 40min north of Indy.

  31. lil momma says:

    wow! this family has two pics on this website! I would love to see a 2009 family pic!

  32. Michael B says:

    I swear to God, that’s my step brother and his family…

  33. Tina says:

    The 80s summed up

  34. Later jailed for using their child as a feather-duster.

  35. MarcsNymph says:

    Three Mullets for the price of one. **

    ** Price does not include the cost of Aquanet.

  36. AlaskaRaven says:

    You know they thought they looked good, to have TWO of these pics taken in such a short time span…. YIKES.

  37. Ann O. Nymous says:

    The dad reminds me of Brett Favre.

  38. AR GIRL says:


  39. ring master says:

    these are so WIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Jasmine says:

    The kid is so adoreable! He is seriously cute in spite of all the hair!

  41. Beth says:

    its going to take a really long time to knock this out of the hall of fame!

  42. DJ says:

    Wasn’t that kid in one of those Mel Gibson Road Warrior movies? Thunderdome, I think.

  43. Katy says:

    They are definitely a real family. The dad is actually a very sweet guy…good people. Shame he has to be known for this pic, but he seems cool with it. The kid, a boy, has a buzz cut now. Both are very handsome. As for the mother…I think she’s out of the picture.

  44. Katy says:

    They are so awesome! I totally grew up in the 80’s and I always imagined I would marry someone who looked just like that dude, a total rocker! Love it. The cutest ever!!!

  45. Annie says:

    Isn’t there another photo of this family in here? The kid is awful cute though

  46. Your Mom says:

    Kip Winger and Brett Michaels would be so proud right now.

  47. Jinnee says:

    amazing nice

  48. Mel says:

    Someone somewhere knows who these people are. I would love to see what they look like today!

  49. joe says:

    omfg what was this family thinkin all of three have a mullet cut i feel for this kid they were probly scarred for life after that

  50. channel says:

    The Dad looks like Jamiriqui, the mom looks like Leslie Bibb (Talledega Nights) and the kid looks like the kid from Family Ties, but with mullets, of course.

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