Black and What

May 2nd, 2009

Black and What - Black And White

Awkward noir.

72 Responses to “Black and What”

  1. MB says:

    “You two on the sides fold your hands in your lap and stare straight ahead. Don’t smile, now.” You, in the center, get ready to jump off that stool and take off running!”

  2. Smitty says:

    if you were living under German occupation in that time, you’d also look a bit strange!!

  3. D says:

    They look like the American Gothic portraiut

  4. graphicartist2k5 says:

    they’re trying to see who will smile first.

  5. kegbot says:

    They were waiting for Mr. Kinsey. . .

  6. Jami says:

    I totally thought that was Maggie Gylenhaal too! Weeeeird.

  7. stormstrooper007 says:

    The art director just farted – a little too loudly.

  8. Wahoo95 says:

    eehhhh…what did you say???

  9. m s says:

    looks like maggie gyllenhal

  10. Alice says:

    Did Billy Corgan travel back in time or what?

  11. Laura says:

    they all smelled it at the same time

  12. FunNanc says:

    Pay NO attention to the man behind the curtain………

  13. booge says:

    It looks like one of Kafka’s character’s families at home.

  14. patricia says:

    the new Bates Motel ad.

  15. Deuce says:

    He seems to have a “WTF! Is someone playing with my Wurlitzer?” look going. I get the same way when someone fondles my Sony Discman.

  16. Mrs Darcy says:

    omg.. there’s Lord Voldemort on the left!

  17. hmmmm..... says:

    It looks like they’re from three different eras: the turn of the century, the 30’s, and THX1138

  18. Adam says:

    is that whistlers mother?

  19. Tyler says:

    I didn’t know maggie gyllenhal was capable of time travel.

  20. W. Bell says:

    Is that guy on the left The Watcher from ‘Fringe’ ?

  21. blain says:

    Not as old as the other vintage photo, but still creepy none-the-less.

  22. goddess says:

    Is it me or does Awkward 2 look like Maggie Gyllenhal?? oops while reading saw someone else noticed too. Well I concur.

  23. Raoul says:

    Let’s do the time warp again!

    – It’s Riff Raff!

  24. Tdiz says:

    This is what happens when your photographer’s gimp breaks out of the closet during the photoshoot…

  25. Bill in Houston says:

    A bit of genetic drift here.

  26. Dave says:

    “Mary was sure that she had found her real parents, but unfortunately it was too late for Walter and Ethel whose dementia left them rather confused about the whole mess…”

  27. Skip says:

    Very severe looking.

  28. Frank says:

    Looks like the broad in the middle is dropping a log…..

  29. John says:

    how did ANYONE get laid from the mom and dads era? Conception must have been done through a sheet so they wouldnt’ have to see each other.

  30. Mark says:

    Nosferatu family Christmas card?

  31. Jiggywiddit says:

    Er, this is awkward…those are my grandparents.

    • D F Stuckey says:

      Jiggy, really? you had three?!? And what did Hercule Poirot call them in to the drawing room to accuse them of?

  32. David says:

    these people look f***in awesome! they’re probably satanists. or objectivists at least.

  33. Flobe says:

    the question remains…. which one of these black widows slipped the egg man a lethal dose of Barbiturates? He’s slowly drifting off into the big sleep and they both look guilty as hell.

  34. LiverBoy says:

    Looks like the Nazis finally entered the building.

  35. sm says:

    And is that Billy Corrigan?

  36. vintagevamp says:

    totally looks like Maggie G. Hilarious!

  37. Masha says:

    These people give off the Rosemary’s Baby vibe. All Of Them Witches!!!

  38. Chas says:

    “Mother. Who’s the creep?”

  39. cplschnapps says:

    Actually, that’s Bess and Margaret Truman posing with a White House aide, because Harry couldn’t make the sitting – was busy firing MacArthur

  40. Amanda says:

    That’s Maggie Gyllenhaal, alright!

  41. K.C. says:

    I was totally thinking Kristen Schaal (“Mel,” Flight of the Conchords) when I saw it too!

  42. KCjersey says:

    Heather @ 10:44 am, That was the funniest damn thing I’ve read in a while. Great job !

  43. utah says:

    Kristen Schaal from the Daily Show, no?

  44. Heather says:

    This is actually a picture of three of the same people. The two just have a wig on.

  45. Niall says:

    I though Maggie Gyllenhaal too!

  46. nursie says:

    It really DOES look like Maggie Gyllenhaal

  47. wonkward says:

    I believe this is actually art.

  48. Ken says:

    What is that man under the sheet with the big black box doing?

  49. Cherie says:

    Surely that’s Maggie Gyllenhaal??

  50. WowAkward says:

    “Hey whats that over there?”

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