Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10th, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day! - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

(submitted by Andy)

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  1. lol says:

    I just wish they were wearing shirts, and this would be an awesome picture 🙂 love it

  2. Pete says:

    I really love this photo. May God bless the three of them. I’m glad the dad and the grandmother posted here. Nobody should badmouth these people. Love, respect, patience, kindness: I wish these for the family and for everyone reading this. “I can’t change the world, but I can change the world in me” -U2 Christ is the way, I’m not trying to proselytise, I’m just sayin’
    Peace Out

  3. rek2 says:

    They’re twins. This is their senior picture. Ooh, give a wallet one to uncle dad.

  4. rek2 says:

    They’re twins. This was their senior picture. OOOOOh, save a wallet one for uncle dad

  5. CX says:

    They are very good looking and he is a hot dad!

  6. kristine says:

    personally i think this photo is beautiful….may be awkward but it is a good photo and will b appreciated in the future….i would have loved to c pix like this of my parents and wish i did it when i was pregnant with mine…especially since their dad has passed away…would have been precious….

  7. Jack Barlow says:

    Good pic, just needs a tyre to make it really special.

  8. Geneva says:

    I think it’s gorgeous.

  9. Ellen says:

    Ohhhhh…. that is soooo wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong. And what’s with all the needless airbrushing?

  10. Amanda says:

    Yeah, yeah, the girl is adorable, but this picture is all sorts of awkward!

  11. Trip says:

    This is actually a great pic. Both of the people in it are good looking and the only awkward part is the hand on the butt. Maybe should have been up just a bit higher but so what. I believe these kind of pics are meant to be sexy…which this is, without being crude.

  12. Teen's Mom says:

    I think its funny this pic came up on a web search I did for “Senior Picture Ideas” the other day… I opted for the traditional tuxedo pics for my son. Lol!

  13. Amanda says:

    Uh, is it terrible if you know someone in one of these photos? Does it make it doubly awkward??

  14. jfwwocw says:

    this is a beautiful picture, i love it. pregnancy and nudity are natural and beautiful. i’m young, pregnant, and in love and once i start to show more I plan on getting some photography like this done.

  15. Allie says:

    This is Beautiful!!

  16. allison says:

    Very nice photo, doesn’t belong on this site……photos are made for the people in them not for public consumption. Enjoy your love and family……

  17. I shoot nude and semi-nude pregnancy photos for people all the time. I think it’s beautiful.

  18. Catt says:

    Why is his hand on her butt? Too much!

    Also, does it make me a bad person to hate her for being so skinny when she’s pregnant. Its just not fair!

  19. Rose says:

    I think that photo is so sweet that they want to celebrate their love and their unborn baby. I don’t see why people have issues with it, if you have an issue with it wouldn’t you just pass over that photo and look at the ones you like??? I know I would. I think the celebration of love and new life is beautiful. Sure I don’t like my father but, if I saw a photo of my parents like that I would still like it for the fact they are enjoying new life.
    And this is coming from a 15 year old.

    • Mary says:

      great thoughts, Rose. I completely agree with you in every way, and this is coming from a fifteen year old too.;)

  20. Old lady says:

    A beautiful sweet pose. Nothing is really showing. They look so happy, so young and so in love. His arms are protectively surrounding her. Much love and good wishes towards this young family.

  21. Kayla says:

    Cute couple!

  22. angie says:

    maybe if his hand wasnt on her ass like he still needed more it wouldnt be as awkward

  23. Steph says:

    Geez, woman, eat a cookie or something.

  24. Guy says:

    this is a beautiful picture, nothing awkward about it. On the contrary: the boy is so cute I could kiss him!

  25. tommybaas says:

    maybe the idea of the photo is beautiful but this is bad photography. he needs to get his hand off of her butt.

  26. Dan says:

    Someone give that girl a cheeseburger. She needs to know she’s eating for two now.

  27. gurl says:


  28. BEEZO says:

    she has a ring on, and i bet he does too, even though i cant tell with the way he’s got that “scoop” in the ice cream like that!


  29. Elayne says:

    I KNOW THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not kidding!

  30. dude says:

    i think its different and clever.

  31. natalie says:

    haha its just awkward is all. people calm down

  32. The Danimal says:

    This website has the most entertaining comment-leavers…

  33. Ashley says:

    I love this picture. Not only because I know them but because it is beautiful. I hope when the day comes that I am pregnant I will be that comfortable with myself to be able to take a picture like this. To all the people who think it is wrong or gross, GROW UP!!

  34. Jenny says:

    This pic wouldn’t have been quite so bad if his hand wasn’t on her butt

  35. shannon says:

    I’m a little surprised to read how many are “horrified” by this photo!? What’s the big whoop. I see a pretty darn good looking couple, albiet young by todays standards, looking all in love and stuff. I’m pretty sure this isn’t worth “notassociating with these people over” LOL. Good grief.

  36. Mark says:

    And Remember…

    Keep it classy San Diego!

  37. RATgirl says:

    His eyebrows are ‘PERFECT’

  38. Xina says:

    It is a lovely photo in a lot of ways. The part that stunned me is how young they look. I mean like 15 yrs old maybe. And when I saw the caption I was thinking that the couple gave it to their mothers for Mother’s Day as a way to break the big news.

  39. Liz N. says:

    Is this their engagement picture?

  40. S.Azreal says:

    Huh? I see nothing wrong with it. I have seen worse to be sure…

  41. Mary says:

    I think this is a very sweet photo.

  42. Ash says:

    I think the idea of the photo is nice, but the pose is incredibly awkward. The guy doesn’t look comfortable at all, and the way they posed her made her belly look… odd.

  43. Lori says:

    I really think this is a beautiful picture. I DO see why it’s awkward though…but it is a very beautiful picture too.

  44. Teri says:

    It’s beautiful. And proof that young love lives on.

  45. Jen says:

    Wow she is young!

  46. lis says:

    is it me, or are her pants unbuttoned? totally appropriate for the theme I guess… lol

  47. eMILY says:

    I just know that I wouldn’t want to see a pic of MY parents in that pose 🙂 Good for them for being proud of their love.

  48. June says:

    I dont think this picture is scaring or mortifying or whatever sure its different but hey we all like to express ourselves.

  49. me says:

    I thank yall need to get a life. That picture is nice

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